Thirty by Thirty Challenge

I have been participating in creativity challenge that has been hosted on Facebook. Every day there is a new prompt, challenging myself and several others to write, draw, paint, or whatever else you come up with that is inspired by the days prompt. Today’s prompt was ‘Fit to be King’. This prompt made me think of Evander, Rowan’s father who decides to go after Rowan when he discovers her missing. Below is a short speech by Evander to his crewman. He is a simple man and I think the brief paragraph below really outlines his character. I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for reading!

(If you would like, please visit this Facebook page hosting the challenge!

I am not a legend. Kings are written into legends and I am no King. Heroes are written into songs, I am no hero. I am a man. I have not done great things in my life; I’ve only tried to be a good man, a man whom other men would follow. I won’t ask you to come with me. But if you choose to follow me, I would be honored.
-Evander, from Darkness Falls



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