Looking for something to suck you in? Read this. It’ll only take a moment and maybe you’ll be inspired.

Drift of Bubbles

Day two of Khara House’s 30X30 challenge.  Here goes:


I find myself on a precipice
readying myself to leap
once again
to the narrow rock bridge
that will then lead me to
the cliff face
where I need to meet with
two individuals,
both, somehow,
in charge of my destiny,
and in charge of the destiny
of the child I am carrying

I try to gauge whether or not
I can make this leap,
but the rock bridge looks further away
than it did earlier.

I am uncertain.

I call out to the leaders,
waiting impatiently for me
to come to them
with this child.

They angrily demand that I leap.

I demur; the bridge is too far away now,
especially overburdened as I am.

They grumble and go to move the rocks
that form the bridge
to where they were before,
and when they do…

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