Welcome to my blog!

I love to write. I have written hundreds of poems, a smattering of short stories, and began about five novels. The novel I am currently working on has been rewritten countless times. The story began when I was in high school which was, oh, seven years ago, as a co-writing project with my sister.


When I first began this novel, it started with a rather simple title and a fairly simple plot. Over the years the story has evolved into something more complex and the characters have come to life. This novel, I feel, will be my greatest work. I cannot wait for the novel to come to fruition and, if everything goes as planned, there will be much, much more to come about Rowan. I hope that you, my readers, will be just as excited as I am for this enticing tale and I hope to share more with you about my creative highs and lows. Please enjoy the brief synopsis below and thank you for reading:


Darkness Falls is the shattered story of a little girl whose young life had been defined before she had ever been conceived. We follow young Rowan as she falls deeper and deeper into a world that is unforgiving and cruel, much different than her vibrant island home. Rowan is taken from her home and thrown into a slave trade known by the common people as the Noble Trade. Her only hope for rescue is her father, the captain of a merchant ship, who had been saved from the carnage while on a voyage. Unbeknownst to Rowan and her father, a dark stranger has been watching and waiting for his moment. And now, he has it.


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